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Flowers & Plants.

Wide variety of options.

As part of DMG’s corporate flower and plant service; we provide a wide variety of options from indoor and outdoor plants to stunning weekly fresh flower displays for receptions.

From hotels and restaurants to corporate offices, interior and exterior areas, our creative team will design and implement incredible results, working around a company’s available space and style.

Working closely with businesses DMG create innovative design-led displays to make them stand out and show their green credentials. Either utilising floor plans or in collaboration with interior designers, we provide a fully comprehensive service.

Corporate flowers

Corporate flower arrangements are visually stimulating, and studies have shown evidence that there are positive benefits of human interaction with nature; plants and flowers can improve productivity and reduce stress, ideal for supporting wellbeing in an office or a business environment.

We provide a weekly, affordable, fresh-flower service, our expert florists design, arrange and personally deliver displays in attractive vases to match the aesthetic of a workspace, working to agreed budgets. Stunning fresh flowers add the luxury element that makes guests feel welcome and at home. Whether it is an office reception, boardroom, or executive suite we can tailor displays for a variety of areas and needs.

Plants for business

Including plants in your business space can make employees and visitors feel happier as it’s proven to put us in a more positive frame of mind. DMG’s plant displays coupled with our flower arrangements make your workspaces healthier, happier and more attractive. From newly refurbished buildings, luxury hotels, courtyards, roof-tops and more, our cutting-edge planting designs and bespoke way of working has brought life to a vast array of environments.

We provide plants for business, corporate and commercial spaces, offering a complete office plant service, to make life easier, and keep our clients’ plants perfect.

A more sustainable approach.

We’re on a mission to get rid of plastic. Circa 3 billion plastic pots are used each year in the Netherlands alone where many of our plants are sourced from. These are often made from materials that are difficult to recycle and results in the majority in landfill.

Our plants are now sold in Coir pots – coir is sustainable as it is 100% natural made from coconut fibres. It’s 100% organic from a grown product, used for growing and is then completely compostable.

There is no need to remove when re-potting which avoids root disruption and supports a healthier plant. Coir also increases moisture retention and root aeration. All deliveries within London and the M25 are delivered by our electric fleet taking a small step to helping to clean Britain’s air.

We’re focusing on reducing waste so all of our garden waste is composted on site and periodically collected to be used for compost. Our motto with regards to waste management is ‘Operation Immaculate’. We don’t let any rainwater go to waste and it’s our first choice to keep our plants healthy. It’s free from hard elements and the correct pH for most plants and our 20,000 gallon tank means we don’t waste a drop.

How we work

Working on a consulting basis, our process begins with a visit, allowing us to discuss specific requirements and get a feel for an organisation’s space, location and corporate image. Then we create exciting designs, specifying plants or flowers for businesses that will thrive in your environment, and provide an accurate quote. We can also work with an interior design team’s mood boards and floor plans, as our bespoke plant display service is specifically tailored to clients requirements.

Once a planting solution and maintenance contract is chosen, our installation team deliver and install the new greenery, all with minimum disruption. An assigned technician will then make regular, scheduled visits to ensure the plant displays are watered, fed and in perfect condition.

Finance options

Mirroring our approach to design and advice, our finance options are also tailored to a business’s individual needs. Rental and maintenance, purchase and maintenance only options are all available.

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