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If you’re looking to improve the atmosphere of your workplace, office coffee machines are a great place to start. We offer a large range of coffee, water, and fruit machines that can help make your workplace a more enjoyable place for both customers and employees.

So why not invest in an office coffee machine today?

Our products.

DMG Soul 12

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 Bean To Cup Machine can provide up to 250 beverages a day and is highly recommended for usage in restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas. This machine is both user-friendly and eye-catching, whilst offering maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam technology.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 is also designed to offer maximum variety and flexibility, with three bean canisters, two milk options and over 200 unique drink configurations.

Ideal for self-service environments, the Schaerer 12 is exceptionally easy to use and maintain, with intuitive user guidance, quick selection and automated cleaning programmes.


  • 12.1″ Extra Large Touchscreen Display that can play advertising videos.
  • Twin Milk Option with 4.5-litre capacity milk tanks.
  • Three Bean Canisters. You can serve three unique coffee blends.
  • Best Foam Milk Technology – creates barista-quality drinks with a smooth, creamy finish.
  • Hot & Cold Beverages
  • Optional Flavour Station

DMG Office Coffee

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 Coffee Machine

The Schearer Coffee Soul 10 is compact and sleek, whilst guaranteeing the highest level of performance in terms of output and quality.  This impressive machine can serve up to 250 drinks per day and is perfect for use behind a bar or in a commercial kitchen. The Schearer Soul 10 also features the Best Foam™ milk technology to create professional-level drinks every time.


  • Serves both hot and cold drinks
  • Features Best Foam technology
  • 10.4” user-friendly touch screen
  • Three user interface systems to choose from
  • Colour selection option

DMG Coffee Machine

Schaerer Coffee Skye Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Schaerer Coffee Skye is the new break time showstopper for your workplace!

This user-friendly, automatic, bean-to-cup coffee machine offers a range of coffee-based beverages. Serving up to 180 cups per day it is ideal for workplaces with 40-60 employees.

Ultra compact and with a sleek and stylish design, the Schaerer Skye stands out from the crowd, and with 3 different operation modes, it’s also exceptionally user-friendly.

The standard model is impressive as it is, but with a wide range of different configurations and additional equipment options, you can customise your machine to your exact needs.


  • Pure Foam Milk System – The creamy milk foam is fine-pored with a 60% foam content, creating soft peaks that produce barista-style cappuccino and latte.
  • Internal Water Tank – The 4.9-litre internal water tank can be mains fed or manually refilled, offering greater flexibility in the positioning of your coffee machine.
  • 8-inch Touch Screen – The high-resolution digital touch screen offers a pleasant user experience with three interfaces – guest, frequent user and staff.

Schaerer Coffee Prime Bean to Cup Machine

The Schaerer Coffee Prime is a flexible, budget-friendly machine which delivers a full range of top-quality coffee and milk-based drinks. With a daily output capacity of 100 cups, this machine is ideal for self-service environments and the intuitive user interface on the 7-inch touchscreen makes for ease of use. Thanks to its compact design and integrated freshwater tank, the Coffee Prime can be used in any location – the only requirement is a power connection.


  • 7″ touchscreen
  • Option to add an advertisement message on the screen
  • Double coffee outlet allows 2 cups to be served at once

Schaerer Coffee Club Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Schaerer Coffee Club is a small, convenient and highly efficient machine, making it ideal for use in busy workplace environments such as restaurants, hotels and offices. The slim build of the machine results in easy operation and cleaning, allowing for it to be placed within a kitchen area or communal space of an office. It provides ease of use with an integrated user interface and modern, yet robust design to provide high quality, freshly ground coffees in an instant.


  • 7″ touch display
  • Multiple milk option
  • Mobile app
  • Simple cleaning solution
  • Built-in cup steamer

Cafetouch 8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

A superb choice for offices limited with space, the Cafetouch 8 helps to provides many drink options in a compact space. At only 318mm wide, the coffee machine offers a generous capacity for beans and chocolate whilst reliably providing drinks ready to serve.

Cafetouch 8 is designed for everyday professional use in demanding environments. The attractive 10″ UI display helps to draw the eye to the contents and encourage staff with engaging messaging. With hard-wearing components and strong commercial construction, the Cafetouch 8 is ideal if you expect to be accessing the unit frequently. The all-new drip saver system also means no more spills or waste product requiring daily emptying.


  • Wi-Fi enabled app with multiple features
  • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Intuitive touch screen

DMH Juice Machine

Juicetouch Undercounter Touchscreen

The undercounter Juicetouch touchscreen model operates with ease that provides up to 8 drink selections, is easy to clean, and to navigate. This machine works well in any restaurant, office, or catering premise environment, for self-service use at the touch of a button. Press and hold to pour your drink and control quantity levels.


  • New Mixer Technology – Up to 8 drink options and selections including sparkling & chilled water.
  • Central Dispense Point – The Juicetouch machine has a hygienic central dispense point. Dispensing temperatures of 5 degrees C ambient chill.
  • Easy to Use – Fully electronic control of concentrate dosage & output quantities, easy to refill & clean and has a multilingual touchscreen display.
  • Standard Drink Options – Apple, Orange, Red Fruit, Tropical, Sparkling & Chilled water.

DMG Fruit Machine

Juicetouch Commercial Juice Dispenser

Juicetouch is an innovation of its kind. It is new and refreshing. A bag in the box juice solution for schools, care homes, canteens and more. This machine features a touchscreen display, blue LED cup dispense area, timed juice dispense periods and is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. It also has a pressure regulator, 3 juice drink options, and Bluetooth connection system.


  • Touch Screen Display
  • 3 Drink Options – Choose from 3 Juice drink options as well as chilled water. Available drink options: apple, orange, tropical, wild berry, pink grapefruit and multi-vitamin.

Coffee machines from traditional to touchless.

We stock only the finest coffee complimented by a great range of machines to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur.

Offering the very best experience and service possible to complement our attention to detail and premium offering, we make the complete process seamless in order to fulfil your requirements.

Our total solution includes a thorough site survey by one of our technical engineers, free of charge, ensuring that the chosen machines actually fit, or alternatively work directly with Fit-Out companies to ensure needs are met.

We deliver, install and offer machine training on installation, and as Certified Service Partners for Schaerer & Jura coffee machines, and Billi & ZIP taps, should there be any technical issues we offer an SLA of an 8 working hour response* with over 93% first time fix, from our own fully trained engineers on our Technical Maintenance package.

Business can even come and try the machines before making a decision, and we’d be delighted to host anyone at one of our showroom sites.

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Coffee beans

Sustainable drinks

We believe that feeling good about what we’re drinking starts with making a positive impact on the world around us. We ensure that we offer sustainable, traceable drink options.

DMG work with our suppliers to bring clients sustainably sourced products including; Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic, removal of bottled water coolers to mains fed coolers and reducing the CO2 emissions of delivery vans.

All cardboard packaging outers are recyclable. Our partner has an on-site shredding facility to shred and then reuse cardboard for packaging hence vastly reducing our waste. And reducing emissions using key suppliers such as K-fee, Bio Bean, Eco Roast and Clipper Tea.

Making a change to those in need

We believe in offering the very best experience and service possible to complement our premium coffee machines offering, and working in conjunction with Change Please coffee beans help do this.

Our partners are proud to exclusively offer Change Please coffee beans and cups. 100% of the profits from Change Please go to help the homeless.

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