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Dry Cleaning.

A sustainable dry cleaning service.

Doing More Globally that’s DMG. We provide a full dry cleaning service as part of our Managed Services cleaning and laundry services.

We recognise the need for all companies to be more focussed on sustainability in all their processes and supply chain partners. And although we understand that cleaning and laundry services use energy, with the use of some chemicals, just like any of our other services, we make every effort to minimise the impact on our environment. That’s why we’re proud to partner with the most sustainable commercial laundry business in London.

How we ensure it’s better for the environment.

We have recently changed washing processes and now use Ozone Technology. This helps to reduce the chemicals involved in the wash process and reduces the hot water necessary to produce a high-quality service.

Ozone is unstable oxygen O3 and works throughout the wash process as a disinfectant detergent and will destroy any residual contamination. It reduces the amount of water used, as we only need to rinse once where not trying to remove large amount of detergent from the fabric. Ozone works best in cold water so we do not use as much gas and electricity heating water. This also improves the waste water we send out, as hot water is hard for the waste water processing plants to deal with as it destroys the enzymes needed to break down soil.

Recycled packaging

We use cotton re-usable hampers to deliver laundry to reduce the use of single use plastic. To improve the sustainability of our business, we encourage plastic hangers to be returned for reuse.

Ongoing process

In the next few months, we will introduce electric vans and heat pump tumble dryers, helping to further reduce our carbon footprint. We will also be installing a wet cleaning system to remove the use of perchloroethylene in our drying cleaning service.

We are also currently working towards EN14065 a bio decontamination standard used to ensure medical grade clean laundry and we will be fully accredited by completion of 2021. This standard is becoming increasingly important for all laundry services; clients should consider it a necessity when choosing a laundry partner.

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