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26th April 2022

Five questions to ask when sourcing your next print solution

Five questions to ask when sourcing your next print solution

Searching for a new print solution? Don’t go by the bottom line alone. Assessing the real value of a printer includes considering aspects such as ease of use, energy efficiency, data security and customer service. Here are five quick questions to ask yourself before agreeing to any new deal.

  1. Does this offer value for money?
    When comparing quotes for printing solutions, you need to work out what you’re really getting and whether this represents good value. The cost of a printer is just one element of the equation: how long will the device last? Is it energy efficient? How much space does it take up? Does it do everything you need it to do, both now and in the future?Although it might cost more in initial investment, a compact, energy efficient device that’s built to last will work out cheaper in the long run. You should also look for a printer that automatically updates to the latest software, maximising its lifespan.
  2. Will this solution slow down my team, or speed it up?
    A printing solution that requires you to press five buttons instead of two will be a drag on your workforce over time. The fewer hoops employees need to jump through in terms of transferring documents and fiddling with settings, the more they can focus on the productive parts of their role.A good printing solution can boost productivity by enabling staff to cut out those wasted minutes. For example, customisable easy-touch screens and one-touch apps make printing fast and seamless. The best print solutions will integrate with other tech such as cloud systems, remote teams and mobile devices.
  3. How secure is this printer?
    It’s critical that your print solution doesn’t compromise data security. Some devices have weak data protection, for example by not having the automatic software updates that help to defend against attackers.People also play an important role in protecting data. A well-designed printer will minimise the likelihood of human error by automating routine jobs.
  4. What happens if things go wrong?
    No machine is perfect, although choosing a high quality device can improve reliability. You should check what support is available if your printing solution develops a fault. Excellent customer service will ensure you’re back on track with the minimum of hassle and inconvenience.A good printing solutions partner should have third-party accreditation for customer service and will provide immediate online support. Using fully trained technicians also helps to speed up any repairs.
  5. Is this solution a sustainability asset?
    The Net Zero challenge requires all businesses to look at their carbon footprint and make changes. Choosing an energy-efficient printing solution can also help to cut down on energy costs, too. Ricoh printers only heat to 120°C, the coolest operating model in the market – the closest competitor runs at 180°C.A high quality, multifunctional printer with a long life span will also save you having to replace multiple devices that end up in landfill. An environmentally smart choice very often makes good business sense, too, especially considering today’s higher energy prices.
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