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6th April 2022

Are you making the most of direct mail?

Are you making the most of direct mail?

Direct mail is enjoying a revival! Despite the advances in digital technology, customers still respond well to beautifully designed and produced marketing materials that they can actually hold in their hands. Paper products help you tap into the power of touch with studies showing that printed collateral improves brand recognition.

But to maximise your brand’s ROI, there are a few things you need to know. Read on to discover how to make print marketing via direct mail work for you.

Home working

First, why is direct mail back in favour? Well, one of the key rules of marketing is to meet customers where they are. These days, that could well be at home.

In January 2022, more than one-third of working adults spent at least one day a week working from home. Remote and hybrid working look set to stay: one survey found that just 5% of businesses believe they won’t see any form of home working in the future.

That means your customers are more likely to be in when the postie arrives – and have more flexibility within their working day to spend browsing the brochures or leaflets they’ve received in the mail.

Design and print

Then there’s the fact that many people enjoy having a high-quality product they can touch and hold. We can experience print materials with more than one of our senses, making them feel in some ways more ‘real’ and permanent than a website.

There is a huge variety of different formats, too. A brochure might be browsed at leisure, and returned to multiple times. A flyer could well be pinned to a noticeboard, and acted upon at a later date. A Christmas card might be displayed on a mantelpiece throughout the festive season.

All of these give print marketing materials a longevity that is rare in today’s fast-moving world. With many businesses increasingly adopting a digital-only approach, brands which go against the grain stand out from the crowd.

And finally, some customers simply do not use the web. Ofcom figures show that 14% of adults go online only infrequently, and six per cent do not have home internet access, rising to 18% of over-64s.

All in all, printed marketing materials offer something portable and tangible that is still appreciated in today’s digital age.

The effectiveness of direct mail

According to Phil Ricketts of Royal Mail MarketReach, the pandemic led to “record levels” of mail engagement, with 70% of UK consumers saying they had been driven to an online activity by direct mail.

Despite its traditional image, direct mail is even gaining traction among the younger demographic. Nearly half of Gen Zers trust mail ads, 42% have searched for a brand online after receiving printed marketing materials, and 20% have made a purchase.

Mr Ricketts says: “In a world where people are at home, mail is a great way to stand out and deliver comprehensive messages to people … at a time that is convenient for them. There has been a marked shift in retailers using mail marketing because of the decline of high streets. Brands now need to leverage more direct forms of marketing.”

Digital integration

It’s essential that today’s print marketing is well integrated with a brand’s digital offer. According to the Royal Mail research, 82% of people aged 15-24 have scanned QR codes to interact with brands online.

A separate analysis found that 8% of direct mail items led to a website hit, and around 6% to a purchase, payment or donation.

Plus, digital assets such as social media influencer marketing can be repurposed to provide content for print, enhancing brand coherence and reducing costs.

DMG design and print

At DMG, we understand the power of print and how it can help your brand stand out in this otherwise digital world.

DMG’s print and design service can manage all your print requirements, from direct mail leaflets and custom brochures to Christmas cards and even point of sales materials if you’re attending events.

Our in-house lithographic presses enable us to meet quick 24-hour turnaround times if required.

Contact us today to find out more.