Document Disposal

After teaming up with one of the UK’s leading shredding organisations; The Shredding Alliance, DMG now offer full on and off site shredding.

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Shredded material


On site shredding

In simple terms, on-site shredding is a mobile shredding service – where a mobile shredder comes to site and carries out the shredding of your confidential documents on-site at your premises. Once the documents have been shredded, you are issued with a certificate of document destruction immediately after the on-site shredding is complete and the material taken away for recycling.

On-site shredding (mobile shredding services) is one of the easiest and most secure methods of destroying sensitive documents and files because it is carried out on your premises and you are able to oversee the process.

The high throughput of our vehicles – up to three tonnes per hour – means there is very limited disruption to your business and we are usually finished quickly. Afterwards we provide you with a certificate of destruction which is essential for an audit trail and Data Protection compliance as well as environmental performance figures.

All material is weighed upon completion of shredding and every mobile shredding truck has legal for trade scales fitted as standard.


Shredded material 2

Off-site shredding is the alternative to on-site shredding – where a secure shredding service takes your confidential documents off-site and carries out confidential document destruction.

Off-site shredding is an ideal secure shredding service for businesses where it is not convenient for a mobile shredder to visit site or document collections are not required at such regular intervals.

Off-site shredding is a secure shredding service which removes your information from site and securely transports it to a high security industrial shredding facility. Your paper is then shredded and baled within 24 hours of arrival. As soon as the paper shredding process has been completed, a certificate of destruction is emailed as confirmation.