Health & Safety Compliance

Did you know every company that hires more than 5 employees has a legal duty to ensure that there are clear, robust Health and Safety policies, to reduce issues within the workplace, as well as costs to the employer. It’s vital that all employees are safe performing their business activities, as well as having a level of understanding of health and safety befitting their role.

It’s easier now more than ever to outsource your Health and Safety services for your benefit. Your partnership with us is truly collaborative, and with our team of specialists you are in safe hands, as they work with you to ensure your business is compliant with regulations in a proactive manner.

we offer the following

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting, testing and inspection is part of the required fire safety provision within every commercial building.

It is essential to ensure that your lighting tubes are actually working and that the back-up battery is capable of lasting for the required duration.

Our qualified contractors will provide the required testing and recommend any required replacement works to ensure you are fully compliant.

Fixed Electrical Testing and Inspection

Electrical testing and inspection of the wiring installation in every building is mandatory under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Regulations state that all electrical installations in a working environment are in a safe condition and that an inspection and testing programme is undertaken.

DMG ensures that your testing and inspection is carried out thoroughly and provides a full Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance

Having fire extinguishers installed is of little worth and potentially harmful if they are not kept in good working order, so legislation requires that servicing should be carried out at least annually.

DMG ensure your extinguishers receive a comprehensive maintenance and repairs service by undertaking the required inspections.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

An estimated 11.6 million working days a year are lost to work-related injuries or injuries that are aggravated due to incorrect workstation set up’s and environments.

In partnership with our market leading supplier DMG can deliver DSE expertise via online or face to face assessments. These ensure your employees workstation set up’s are safe, suitable and compliant as well as advising if any further DSE equipment is required.

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